YouTube Likes Vs Views: Which Is More Important?

 YouTube Likes Vs Views: Which Is More Important?

Do you want to increase the likes and views on your channel to get more visibility on YouTube? If yes, then you need to focus on the various aspects to decide which is more important.

YouTube is the second-largest popular search engine globally which has an excellent source of traffic. More than two billion people spend their time on YT every day. It is crucial to increase the YouTube likes on your channel to gain more engagement.

If you have enough views or 4000 hours of watch time on your videos then the monetization will also increase. You can earn a decent amount of money. The smart strategy will open different doors to generate traffic and engagement on your channel. 

Likes and views both have a different role in the growth of your channel. It helps you to analyze the performance of particular videos. This article is designed to help you to know the importance of YouTube views and Likes. Let’s discuss this in detail.

YouTube Likes To Views Ratio

When you produce high-quality content on your channel, then it is mandatory to analyze how your videos are performing. YouTube views and likes both matter for the growth of the channel because it is crucial to increase engagement rate.

But YouTube likes are not essential for the monetization of the video. It does not mean that likes are not important. Likes will determine the popularity and quality of content. On average 4% likes to views ratio is recommended by experts.

It means videos should have at least 4 likes when it gets 100 views. If this ratio matches then it means your content is performing well. You do not need to use any other approach. The engagement rate depends on the YouTube views that will increase the searchability and ranking of the videos.

The number of likes on your videos are dependent on the viewers who actually get the right information. If the channel does not have a good number of YouTube likes then you have to focus on increasing the quality of the content.

How To Gain More YouTube Likes And Views?

YouTube is a platform where you can publish the most relevant and trending content. Additionally, it is also a search engine where people can find the videos by searching with keywords.

The content should be well polished and high-quality for the viewers because it develops the interest in the minds of the audience. To increase the views and YouTube likes on your videos and boost the organic growth of your channel, you need to implement the most relevant techniques that are mentioned below.

An Eye-Catchy Title

It is the first thing that the audience notices when they scroll their feed. As we know that the first impression is the last impression, it is necessary that the title of your videos should be unique and eye-catchy. This helps to develop the interest among the viewers to engage with the content.

Make sure to include the main keywords in the title and call-to-action words that can encourage the audience to watch the videos. How-to-type videos increase the interaction and grab the attention of the viewers. This process will easily increase the number of YouTube views.

Create An Attractive Thumbnail

The thumbnails are also crucial for getting quality YouTube views because they encourage the viewers to watch the videos. The thumbnail should be real and authentic that can develop trust in the minds of the audience.

You should avoid using click-bait words in your thumbnail because it will increase the views but not increase the watch time. People usually leave watching the videos after a few seconds when they realize they have been deceived. That’s why it has a negative impact on the growth of the channel.


You need to write the first 100 words more compellingly and use relevant and focused keywords. You should explain the videos in detail and use call-to-action words to encourage people to watch the videos. With these eye-catchy and emotional words, you can get more YouTube likes on the channel. You can also add relevant links in the description.

Hashtags And Tags

Use hashtags and tags in every video because it increases the reach of the videos in the feeds of the audience. When people search for keywords and if you use the relevant tags in your content then it increases the ranking of those videos.

This strategy is beneficial for getting YouTube likes and views on the content. This tactic is also part of SEO that increases the growth of the videos.

The success rate of your videos depends on the engagement and YouTube views. It is a crucial factor that determines the growth of the channel. It is an effective technique to use catchy titles, thumbnails, and snappy taglines and use keywords in the description in order to boost YouTube likes

If the YouTube views ratio is less than 4% then it is not a right indication for the growth of the channel because it implies that your content is irrelevant. But if you get a good number of views then it indicates that the channel has entertaining and engaging content.

As a comparison, YouTube Views and likes both have their own role in the growth of the videos as they both indicate the popularity and quality of the videos.

When you have quality videos on your channel then it is very likely that you will get more YouTube likes and views on those particular videos. If not then people will not watch the content. So both are important for the growth of the channel.

Final Thoughts

If you consider and implement all these tactics to grow your channel and increase YouTube views, then you can achieve the target goal and encourage people to engage with your content.

This helps to increase the visibility of the videos. If the audience finds the content helpful then definitely they will like and comment on them.

Hope you have found this article to be helpful. Feel free to share.