What Is The Ideal Length For Your YouTube Videos In 2022?

What Is The Ideal Length For Your YouTube Videos In 2022?

Are you wondering about the perfect length for YouTube videos? If yes, then you have to follow some predefined tactics to record short and long videos. Does longer content perform well on YouTube or the shorter one? 

After researching the recommendations and discovery of the videos in the feed of the audiences depending on the preference of watching videos, it has been noticed that the ideal YouTube video length is longer content.

If you have created high-quality content, then that type of content will generate more views and watch time irrespective of its length.

Good content builds authentic trust so the audience likes to spend more time watching videos. Want to learn more, then let’s get started on this article.

Why Creators Are Producing Longer Content On Their Channels?

Well, the YouTube algorithm ponders the watch time to improve the ranking of the videos. Watch time helps the creators to know which videos are performing well. Through this, the creators can analyze and optimize the length as required.

The watch time is one of the crucial factors for the ranking of the YouTube videos. Longer content is more preferred to watch by the audiences because they get the full concept in one video. This reduces the waiting time and also reduces the effort of searching other videos to solve their query.

Longer content helps the creators to earn more revenue as well. This is due to the fact that YT places ads more than two to three times in long videos. The increase in the number of ads also increases the number of ad clicks and hence more monetary benefits for the YouTuber.

You have to analyze from your statistics which type of ideal YouTube video length people prefer to watch that generates more views for better engagement. Check out the well-performing videos. It is recommended to produce longer videos on your channel because it always encourages people to watch.

How To Find The Perfect Length For The Videos On Your Channel?

To find the ideal YouTube video length on your channel, there are various tips available that you have to follow.

It is recommended to analyze the performance of the videos on your channel to get higher engagement. You have to keep in mind some important factors that will help you to know the best length of the video.

  1. Calculate the Average Length of High-ranking or top-performing Videos on your channel
  2. You also need to estimate and notice the Average View Duration on Your Account
  3. Examine the growth of the Subscriber

If you continuously encounter and notice these points, then it will help you to increase the number of views and you will get ideas to know which type of videos are ranking well in the search results.

The Ideal YouTube Video Length Of The Video: The Best Practices You Should Follow

The topic of videos should be unique that can help you to address the pain of the audiences and produce the solution to the problems.

  • If your discussion is on some points or topics then it is advisable to record a smaller video because it is more watchable.
  • When you notice the audience's attention time is decreasing day by day, then you should have to grab the attention of the audience by producing short videos between 3 to 7 minutes.
  • When you are going to record longer videos and want to increase the views on your channel then you should add a call to action words at the end of the videos. Also, you can use YT cards and an end screen at the end of the videos.
  • The ideal YouTube video length depends on the type of content, and you should divide content into smaller clips and organize the videos in one place. The playlist is the best way to collect videos that are helpful for the audiences to find easily.

The Ideal YouTube Video Length Depends On The Type Of Content

Your objective should be determined before producing content on your channel because it will directly depend on the growth of your channel. Sometimes, it is noticed that short videos perform well. The audience has a different perspective to watch videos too.  Some may like short while others prefer long content.

When you are explaining the topic or tutorial and creating how-to videos then it attracts the loyal audience’s base who prefer to invest their time to watch the videos. Let’s know which type of videos we have to publish on our channel.

1. How-To Videos

How-to videos are more preferable by the people and it has a longer content that generates more views on your channel. Audiences who want to learn more about the content prefer to watch the videos because these videos are full of information.

2. Explainer Videos

It is always recommended to keep your videos short in which you are explaining a concept. This is because people do not have extra time and patience to watch an explainer for a long duration. YouTubers who produce short and relevant content on the channel will generate more views. You should maintain the ideal YouTube video length to get more traffic on your channel.

3. Teaser Video

When you are going to produce Promo and teaser content on your channel, then the length should be short below 30 seconds. These types of videos increase the excitement of the viewers because they eagerly wait to watch them after getting attracted by the trailer.

4. Webinar Videos

Webinars videos are usually created for the relevant audience base where the speaker shares the information and thoughts on a specific topic. It is already obvious that these are the people who get interested in getting more information about the topic after they have visited your channel. So the ideal YouTube video length should be more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

I hope you found this article helpful on how to find the ideal YouTube video length for your channel. And if you are serious about your YouTube journey, then you should go with this article to record videos on your channel with the perfect length.