Top 19 Tips To Write The Best Description For YouTube Video

Top 19 Tips To Write The Best Description For YouTube Video

A good YouTube description encourages a loyal audience and develops an interest to watch the videos. It increases the views counts and subscribers. It also helps in YouTube SEO that allows the YT algorithm to understand the concept of the video and suggest it to more new users. This boosts the ranking of the channel.

Without a good description, people will not understand what you want to offer or the motive behind your channel. Moreover, adding descriptions is the best tactic to increase audience retention and engagement. In simple words, the description can easily give an overview of the video that helps people to watch the content. A well-written description with main keywords and the best YouTube hashtags can boost the growth of the channel in search results.

It is important for video creators to optimize the description which helps YouTube to recommend the content to the target audience. This helps to gain more views. YT is the second most popular search engine that has a huge audience base, so you need to use this platform with the right strategies to gain more views.

The description also increases the watch time on your channel. If you follow this strategy then it will help you to stand out from others on this competitive platform. In this article, we’ll break down the art of writing the best YouTube descriptions to optimize the channel for its growth.

What Is A YouTube Video Description?

A Video Description is a piece of text that is added below each video. It helps the viewers to find the video and convey it to the audience to watch it. You can also add relevant links to the website and YouTube video hashtags in the description to increase the ranking of your channel.

It helps the viewers to understand the subject of the content, and also makes your videos easily be searchable in search results.

Why Are Video Descriptions Important?

When you publish videos with proper titles, tags, and best YouTube hashtags in the description, it helps the audience to understand all about your videos. A well-optimized description of the content can boost the SEO and ranking of the videos in search results.

It helps your videos to appear in search results that can allow you to gain more potential traffic on your channel. You can convert the views into potential leads to generate more revenue and increase more views and watch time.

To Increase the click-through rate on your channel, It is necessary to place the right keywords in YouTube video hashtags.

Description can also be used for advertising purposes. You can place affiliate links or product links to sell the products and services that can be beneficial to drive more target traffic on your channel.

Best Strategies For Writing Effective YouTube Video Descriptions

1. Add The Relevant Power Keywords

You have to focus on inserting the relevant power keywords in the description of the video in the first 100 words. Primary keywords should be used two to three times in the description to increase the ranking of the videos.

2. Write 25 Words From Starting With Full Of Information

It is best practice to place the main information of the description in a few words, to encourage the audience to read the full description and watch the video. Viewers see the first 200 to 250 words while reading the description so it should be eye-catching and informative.

3. Use The YouTube Suggest Keywords To Increase The Discoverability Of The Videos

Placing right and suggested keywords in the description is the perfect way to reach your target audience. People can find your videos in relevant sections and search results. This increases views on your channel.

It helps you to get more traffic and discoverability when you add powerful keywords and the best YouTube hashtags in the description. YT will recommend your videos to more people who are interested in your content.

4. Find Keywords Using Keyword Finder Tools Like Google Trends And Google Keyword Planner

If you really want to write a well-optimized description with relevant YouTube hashtags, then it is necessary to use Google Trends, Google keywords planner, and Ubersuggest tools to find the target keyword with less competition and high search volume.

It helps you to drive more traffic with organic methods.

5. Add The Long-Tail Keywords

When you use relevant long-tail keywords and best YouTube hashtags in the description then it helps you to target specific audiences. This is due to the fact that long-tail keywords are less competitive and easily searchable by the audiences. It is best practice to add it, so your videos look more natural and organic.

6. Repeat Them

The YT algorithm understands specific terms that are relevant to your videos. So you should use keywords two or three times to get the best results. It is advisable to use relevant keywords that are related to the main keywords. You should repeat it day by day to get more attention from your audience on your channel.

7. Check Out How Your Description Looks

Before uploading the videos, you have to check how your description looks on different devices and if it is perfect for driving more targeted traffic. This will help you to target the right audiences and if you will optimize your channel then the chances of your video getting more views will increase.

8. Link To More Info

It is best practice to add the best YouTube hashtags and relevant links to your website, social media links, and link to a playlist of the videos that are already published on your channel.

This will make your channel look more authentic and real. Audiences can easily trust your content and they will definitely check out the links available in the description.

9. Be Specific

You should be specific to the target keywords and use the relevant points in your description. It helps the YT to understand all about the videos.

10. Tell Audiences What To Expect

Your video description should be well optimized which can help you to find the perfect loyal audience base. It should be written in order to inform the audience what they will expect from your content. It builds trust in the minds of the audience.

If you use YouTube video hashtags in the description then it helps the audience to know the relevant criteria. The YT algorithm will also promote your channel which will increase the ranking of your videos.

11. Offer Value

Always try to over-deliver the value to the audiences in the description to increase the interest to watch the videos. Give them a reason why they should subscribe to your channel.

Try to answer their question in the search results that will help you to grow your channel to the next level.

12. Optimize For Click-Through-Rate

You should optimize the description with some powerful words and solve their problems to get more views that will increase the click-through rate on your channel.

13. Avoid Click Bait

If you really want to grow your channel to the next level for a long period of time, then you should focus on always being genuine to increase the ranking of the channel and also to build positive trust so the audience will keep visiting your website.

It is advisable to avoid clickbait titles, descriptions with irrelevant keywords because it might rank your videos but after some time your account may get suspended by YouTube.

14. Add Call To Action Words

The description should be clear and relevant to the content. You should also add some call-to-action words to attract people to watch your video and subscribe to the channel easily.

15. Upload A Video Schedule

You should tell your viewers about your content and also about your upcoming videos in a schedule so that they can remain updated about your channel. Tell the audience what they will get in the next video and how it will help them.

16. Write Like A Human

Remember, you should know to write an eye-catchy description like a human to get more attention to your videos. A well-written description can help you to easily connect with the audience that will get more views on your channel.

17. Use Timestamps

When you publish a long video on your channel then you should mention a definite segment in timestamps of the videos in the description.

18. Use http:// or https://

The description of the videos should be well written and it is the best area where you can add “https://” to each link in the description.

19. You Can Use Associated Hashtags (#)

You have to focus on using the right and relevant best YouTube hashtags to get more viewers on your videos. It will increase the searchability and discoverability of the videos.

When you include the YouTube video hashtags in the description then your videos are watched by more people because it will increase the ranking of the videos and the audience can easily recognize your videos.

I hope this article helps you to write the perfect description for your videos. Do not forget to use the best YouTube hashtags to increase the discoverability and recommendation of your content.