Find the Best Affordable Camera for YouTube Beginners

 Find the Best Affordable Camera for YouTube Beginners

It is the age of technology and we are definitely moving into the digital realm rapidly, thanks to the COVID crisis now. A huge section of the demography is resorting to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and so on to please themselves and pass time. Not only are the number of viewers and visitors to these social media platforms skyrocketing, but the count of creators and influencers is evidently rising up like never before. So, if you are a newbie who’s venturing out to start a successful YouTube channel, you would have probably done your research on the same lately. And if I am not wrong, most of your research would have suggested going for a well-equipped camera. No camera will make you an instant success on YouTube. However, it can make the process easier if you get the right camera from the start. Wondering on how to choose the best affordable camera for YouTube, then here we go. Given are a few options from which you’ll get an insight into the best camera available in town.

Before Choosing Your Camera…

Set A Budget

Now if you clearly lay out a budget before you even look into the different cameras available it will be easy for you to narrow down your options for sure. So, deciding on how much you are willing to spend is extremely important to find the best camera for a YouTube beginner. 

Type Of Filming

The next important step for choosing your type of camera depends on what you are planning to film. Different niches demand various needs of a camera. Let’s say that you are a vlogger, you are least likely to produce a great vlog in case you simply use a smartphone.

Explore The Different Camera Formats

After deciding the kind of videos you are going to film, explore the wide range of cameras that are available. Considering different camera formats is very important for deciding on what kind of video camera to use. Do you want something incredibly simple, in an all-in-one package? Do you want hybrid capabilities, allowing you to shoot both video and still photography? Do you want the ultimate in customization and bleeding-edge quality even if it means more expense and more work? Let’s look at why you might choose each of the different common camera formats.

a. Smartphones

A lot of people will be turned off of the idea of using a smartphone for creating videos or think that there’s no way to put out professional quality work using one. In addition to what a smartphone can do on its own, the number of available options for accessories to take smartphone video to the next level is enormous. Stabilizers like the DJI Osmo can help you get smooth footage rivaling far bulkier setups. Some microphones can seamlessly connect to your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack to give fantastic audio. You can also find a wide range of aftermarket lens add-ons for more focal length flexibility with a smartphone. While smartphones definitely have their limitations, if you want the most portable setup possible and don’t want to spend much on a video kit, they can be an enticing option as the best camera for a YouTube beginner.

b. Webcams

Webcams are another category that may not come across as the most enticing option but can be a great choice for certain uses. In particular, webcams are ideal for creating live streams when you also want to be able to show screen captures from your computer. They largely plug and play, simplifying your setup and newer models have surprisingly good video and audio. If you like the idea of the simplicity of a webcam, but also want more flexibility out of your camera, there are some newer solutions as well. Video capture cards and devices such as Blackmagic’s Atem Mini can accept HDMI signals from cameras (such as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras) and convert them into a signal that your camera reads as if it were a webcam. Some camera manufacturers are starting to offer similar capabilities directly as well, such as Canon’s recently released EOS Webcam Utility.

c. Action Cams

Action cams such as GoPros have been popular for a while, but they are also often overlooked. Older models didn’t always offer much in the way of focal length flexibility, instead focusing on super wide-angle views in order to capture as much of the environment as possible. Newer models, though, offer more flexibility and better image quality than earlier ones along with some perks like impressive stabilization, a wide range of accessories, and an extremely portable setup. They could go in handy as the best affordable camera for YouTube.

d. Point And Shoots

Point and shoots offer a great format if portability and price are very important considerations. They are small, you don’t have to worry about switching out components (like lenses), and are generally (but not always) on the lower end of the camera price spectrum. It can be a misconception that point and shoots are always low-end cameras. They can offer surprisingly high quality and give you video features you wouldn’t expect from the format.

e. DSLRs

Ever since Canon’s 5D Mark II introduced high-quality video to still cameras the popularity of hybrid interchangeable lens systems has exploded. DSLRs give you a huge amount of flexibility, allowing you to choose lenses to achieve virtually any look you want, and let you use one kit for both video and still photography. I would bet that DSLRs are the best affordable camera for YouTube.

f. Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras have become hugely popular among hybrid shooters because they offer most of the benefits of DSLRs while also eliminating many of the downsides. Mirrorless cameras are generally significantly smaller than comparable DSLRs, much of the new technical developments such as IBIS are widely available, and video-centric features like zebras and focus peaking are common in mirrorless cameras while being largely absent across the DSLR line-up.

Some Of The Best Models To Look Out For

Canon EOS T7i

With a 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD display and a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, this model of Canon is definitely doing the rounds for its handy yet powerful performance

Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

Coming with super-fast hybrid autofocus and automatic ISO and shutter speed, no wonder this vlogging cam is being loved by the vloggers out there.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

This is definitely one of the best mirrorless lightweight cams in 4K. It has focus peaking which helps you get the desired shot and lastly the luminosity histogram allows you to get the best lighting allowing you to use the raw footage and cutting down the post-production hassles.

Sony A6000

This is the best camera for YouTuber beginners with a very limited budget. This camera comes with a full HD resolution at 60 pixels and has a battery life of 360 shots.

While choosing your camera lookout for the articulating screen, if it has good autofocus, a well-built in stabilization, audio, and live streaming options. These are a few things that might help you in the long run. With your gears ready, you are almost done with the starting of a YouTube channel. Choosing the best affordable camera for YouTube beginners doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge, and it certainly isn’t if you know what to look for. Ensure that you carefully consider your needs and take the time to assemble a list of features that are important to you so that you can find the right model for YOUR needs.