Most Popular YouTube Prank Ideas To Create Videos In 2022

 Most Popular YouTube Prank Ideas To Create Videos In 2022

Are you looking for the best YouTube prank ideas that can help you to boost channel growth? YouTube has an endless library of prank videos that you can watch and get the best topic or concept to perform the prank activities.

To become a popular YouTube creator, you have to create more entertaining videos and if you have optimized the channel well with YouTube SEO, then you will see amazing responses on your accounts.

You have to record the comedy prank videos that motivate the audience to laugh and maintain the consistency to grow your YT channel. This will help to increase your subscribers. Alternatively, you can also buy YouTube subscribers to increase followers and engagement on your channel.

In this article, we have rounded up the best YouTube prank ideas based on different situations that you can prank on your family, friends, colleagues, and anonymous.

Popular Prank Ideas For YouTube To Create Stunning Videos In 2022

1. Pranks With Your Office Colleagues

When you are in the office and out for a vacation or on a trip then you can easily prank on your colleagues.

The idea is to give them a task to complete that should be entertaining and encourage them to participate in the activities.

2. Spiderman In Real Life- Prank To Record The Videos

When you want to create some interesting and entertaining prank videos then the first choice is to become a spiderman in real life and visit a public place. Try to talk to people and give them tasks to do and record their reactions.

3. Prank In A School

School is a great place to learn and grow. Also, it is the best part of your life. Many students prank each other and come up with a lot of ideas to have fun.

Pranking in school is one of the best YouTube prank ideas. For example, you could give someone an unexpected flavor of candy and record their reaction, or you can also put up fake signs to trick students into doing funny things.

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4. Pranks With Your Dad To See His Reaction

To enjoy life with your family members is the best part of your life, so do not miss this opportunity. You can prank your dad when his birthday is coming, you can arrange a fake cake and carry out many other entertaining activities.

But to record prank videos, you should use your creative skills in professional ways that can convince the audience to watch.

5. Food Pranks

It is the best prank idea for YouTube channels because food is the first choice for anyone. You can mess with food by mixing different ingredients. Simply record the reactions of the people while serving food to them. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun.

6. Pranks For Valentine’s Day

There are loads of prank ideas that you can pull on someone you love. After all, valentine’s day can be a day for love as well as to have some fun with someone special.

Just keep in mind not to go overboard with it, otherwise, the fun will convert into a disaster and you might end up having a break-up! For example, if you plan to gift your girlfriend with a ring, you can gift her an empty box for the prank. But make sure to hide the real gift somewhere so that if your loved one gets hurt; you can easily patch it up later.

7. Prank With The Public

If you want to stand out from the competition, then you should record prank videos with the public because viewers love to enjoy watching reactions of random people.

You can prank with them in a mall, park, street, etc., and record funny moments of their reaction. Many channels have produced such type of content and they are performing quite well.

8. Lost My Memory Prank In A Public Place

It is a prank idea where you create a fun environment by doing unexpected entertaining activities with anonymous people. You can pretend that you have lost your memory and have difficulty recognizing your loved ones. You can do this prank with your family members, relatives, and friends to see the hilarious reaction of the people.

9. Pranks By Offering Gifts

It is a good idea to give someone a great gift on their birthday, anniversary or special vacation. Simply make sure to disguise your gift as a prank. Additionally, the real gift should be unique and better than the prank so that if things get bitter, you can replace that with your honest intentions.

If you want to see great success, then it is required to optimize your channel and use proper keywords to make your content appear in the search results. Also, don’t forget to tag your videos . This helps the audience to find the videos they are looking for.


Hopefully, these popular YouTube prank ideas will give a great option to record amazing videos that will further help in gaining more engagement on your channel.

Please share your opinion in the comment box on which topic you are going to record prank videos.