How To Run A Successful Contest On YouTube In 2022

 How To Run A Successful Contest On YouTube In 2022

Did you know YouTube is one of the growing second most popular video-sharing platforms for the creators? You must have noticed that brands face problems increasing their views and generating leads. So they need to run a successful YouTube contest for their marketing strategy. This helps to boost the engagement rate, views, and the number of subscribers.

YouTube provides an opportunity to run a contest to get more leads, sales.  It will help you to create awareness and build a community to attract the audience. Increasing the views is the biggest challenge for the creators but running a contest helps to overcome this problem. Also, many brands buy YouTube subscribers to increase the subscribers and engagement on the channel.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the best ways to run a successful contest to grow your channel.

Why Should You Run A YouTube Contest?

Just like any other activity, the contest plays an important role to gain the number of subscribers, views, engagement rate of your channel. If you want to get recognition on YouTube, then it will help you to achieve the desired goal in your YT journey.

To Build a loyal audience base, you have to focus on running contests that will create positive thoughts in the minds of people. It will build trust and the audience can easily find out your videos in the search results. It is worth using this feature to grow your channel.

How Can You Organize A YouTube Contest?

Set Goal To Run Contest

When you are going to start a contest, then it is advisable that your overall goal should be clear and well defined to achieve what you want and why you want to run a YouTube contest. Either you just want to increase subscribers and views or you simply want to collaborate with creators.

Setting a goal may help you to build a strategy to organize the contest about which type of engagement you want from the viewers. You should set the date of starting and ending the contest.

While setting a goal to start a contest on YouTube, the most important point you have to remember is that your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, timely, and relevant

Determine Where You Want To Organize The Contest

It is also important to consider where you want to organize the contest because YT also provides an opportunity to host a YouTube contest. Sometimes brands and marketers prefer to run contests on their websites.

If you use YT to start a contest then there are several benefits available that will help you to grow your channel in different areas. It will provide important insights from YT analytics and drive traffic, create awareness, and many more. If you run a YouTube contest then there are common ways for the audience to enter a contest.

Comment, Caption, or Like:

It is one of the easiest mediums for the audience to enter a contest. If the goal of the contest is to gain engagement then the audience will simply enter by liking and commenting on the videos.,

Submit a video:

Encouraging the audience to record and submit the YT videos to enter the contest will be a great way for lead generation.

Explain To The Audience Why Should You Participate

It is important that the description of your videos should have a compelling reason with full details that can convince the audience why they should participate in the YouTube contest. You also need to include the contest rule in the description. It will help you to gain more organic growth of the channel. 

Choose A Desirable Prize For The Contest

Before running a contest or giveaways, you have to make sure that the prize should be good and unique, and compelling to grab the attention of the audience. You have to check all the points that are given below.

  • The prize should be more appealing to target the audiences of the contest.
  • It should be delivered to the audience digitally because it will save the cost of shipping charges.

If you are going to select some physical prize, then it is difficult to deliver the product to the winner of the contest.

Selecting the best prize for the YouTube contest is more important than running the campaign. It should be selected by considering the goal of the contest to achieve the desirable goal on YT.

Important Contest Rules To Follow

It is always recommendable that you should also focus on reading the rules and regulations of the YouTube contest. You have to read the privacy policy, terms of service, and guidelines.

We have shared the crucial points that you have to keep in mind before you are going to run a successful contest on YouTube.

Always Consider Local Law, Rules, And Regulations

We know each country, state and city has its own set of rules and regulations and follows its own copyright laws. The resource you are going to utilize in your content should be original. Then the chances of running a successful contest will increase to the next level.

The goal of your channel should be well optimized when you organize a contest and select the terms of services.

You Are Responsible For Your YouTube Contest

When you are the creator and going to conduct a contest, then you are responsible for the entire contest. You have to focus well so that nobody gets hurt when you are running the contest.

Consider Trustworthy Metric

Many agencies and sites are offering paid services such as views, likes, subscribers, and engagement rates. You have to buy YouTube subscribers from the website that offers real and authentic services for the growth of the channel. The subscribers are the real people who are actively engaged with your content.

YouTube Contest Ideas

There are a few top contest ideas shared below that you can use to grow your YouTube channel. Brands can also use these best ideas to get maximum benefits from their channel.

You Can Run Giveaway

It is another way to get more subscribers who will engage with your channel. It is the right way to attract the target audience and run successful giveaways. Through this process, people are more interested in consuming such videos. In this method, the winners are automatically selected.

Comment Below

It is another way to increase the engagement rate on your channel by running a successful YouTube contest on the channel. Here you have to ask to leave a comment on specific videos.

You have to focus on driving more comments by sharing the video on various social media platforms. You have to include the call-to-action words in the description to grab the attention of the audience.

Talent Contest

Here, you have to encourage and ask the viewers to submit their own videos created on any particular skill. You can submit the videos of the fans on your channel.

It is also an idea that you can use to run a talent YouTube contest and offer the prize to the winners. These contests totally depend on the talent of the people.


Are you excited to run a contest or giveaways to achieve your goal?

I hope you have found this article more helpful and useful to run or start a successful YouTube contest in 2022? This guide will help you to get the desired benefits to grow your business.