How To Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face In 2022?

 How To Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face In 2022?

Do you want to know how to make YouTube videos without showing your face in 2022? If yes then you are in the right place. Many top creators get famous and earn a decent income through YouTube without even showing their face.

YouTube is an incredible and popular extraordinary video-sharing platform. There are lots of niches available to create vlogs without showing faces such as unboxing, tutorials, screen shares or presentation, gaming videos, and reviews of the products.

It is the second largest search engine and everyday people spend more than 18 minutes on YouTube ( Many content creators want to start a YouTube channel but they do not want to show their faces in front of the camera.

That’s why I have written this article and covered all the faceless YouTube channel ideas. These ideas will help you to establish the authority of your channel on YouTube. Many creators buy YouTube subscribers to grow their channel with organic methods. Let's start the blog.

Are You The Person Who Hesitates To Face The Camera?

It has been seen that many people avoid coming in front of the camera. They want to start the channel but because of the camera-shy nature, they hesitate to face the camera. Many creators do not want to reveal their faces in front of a camera.

It is not an issue at all. They get a great opportunity to produce faceless videos on their channels. Because these types of people have expertise in a specific area, they can share their knowledge with the audience without even showing their face.

How to make YouTube videos without showing your face is one of the most confusing questions for every newbie who is going to start a faceless channel. So you should have done good research before selecting the niches. It is also the best option for those who do not want to invest a high amount to buy equipment required to start their channel.

If you are a camera-shy personality then it is necessary to create high-quality effective videos with over-deliver value in faceless videos. It develops a positive connection with the audience. You will notice that watch time and engagement on your channel will also increase.

How To Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face And The Top Channel Ideas?

Here we have covered the best channel ideas that will help the creators to grow on YouTube. 

If you are serious about starting a successful YouTube channel, then this article is perfect for you. Let's begin.

DIY Craft Video Ideas

DIY is one of the most effective and creative ideas to record videos without showing your face. Many creators are doing fabulous jobs in these niches. Crafting DIY videos will always be more demandable by the audiences. They love to watch these types of videos.

DIY means do it yourself, it simply means modifying or creating something from old products or adding your creativity in products to shoot awesome videos that are more engaging. It is an incredible idea for a camera-shy personality.

But you have to always use your creative skills to make something amazing from useless products. Because viewers like to share this content with their friends and relatives, it is very likely to see an enhancement in the views and subscribers count. And you can also make decent money without showing your face.

Life Hacks Videos

These types of content ideas are effective ways to grab the attention of the audience on your channel. It is a killer content idea because it solves the problem of the people and the chances of your video going viral are more as compared to any other.

The best thing is that creating life hacks videos is a perfect answer for those people who always ask questions about how to make YouTube videos without showing your face. For example, you can cover easy life hacks on home appliances in a video and it will increase the views on your channel. It will be a short video that you can record without revealing your face.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos help the creators to capture the attention of the viewers and build a direct connection with the audience. They help to increase the views and engagement rate. It is highly recommended that if you want to create videos without showing your face on YouTube then you should use the whiteboard animation videos tool.

Doodly and storyboard are the software to create a whiteboard video to make videos without facing the camera.


According to Think with Google, it has been noticed that the “how-to” type of explaining content is continuously growing. Tutorials are one of the best topics to explain on a particular subject.

If you are someone who is still figuring out how to make YouTube videos without showing your face then Tutorial is an evergreen niche idea to record the videos without showing your face.

In this, you have to cover the syllabus or the chapter concept and record the video in which you are sharing the solution of the problem of any product or service. There are endless tools available to record the tutorials videos i.e. Camtasia Studio.

There are lots of content ideas that can be covered in how-to and tutorial videos to increase the views on YouTube.

Gaming Videos

If you want to record YouTube videos without revealing your face, then it is the best opportunity to start a gaming channel where you can do live streaming of games and also record how to play the game. If you follow these approaches then the ranking of your channel, subscribers, and views will also increase.

It is a growing niche because people are never going to stop playing online games. Many top creators get success on YouTube by publishing live streams and gaming videos without showing their faces. It is the hobby and passion of many people who are dedicated to playing these games.

As a creator, you have to be updated with the trending games in which audiences are interested to play. Also, you should be a pro-level player and do the live stream or record the clip of the game and produce it on YouTube.


It is another most trending niche idea to record YouTube videos without facing the camera. You can create videos with a camera with a static image. Nowadays people are more interested in listening to the podcasts of the top creators. In Podcasts, you can produce quality content and solve the problem of the audiences.

It is the next generation of growing topics, in which you can tell stories and interviews, and have conversations between two people. An effective podcast develops the interest of the audience in your content.


If you are one who loves cooking and are an expert in cooking different types of delicious food then it is the perfect niche for you. And if you do not want to face the camera then you can only record the cooking concept videos without showing the face.

You can also share cooking tips, tricks, and new dishes on your channel. You can use your phone to record the cooking videos or you can use a tripod with a mic to shoot the perfect video.

Hope you found this article to be useful and effective to know the best channel ideas on how to make YouTube videos without showing your face.