How To Make An Effective YouTube Intro For Your Channel In 2022

How To Make An Effective YouTube Intro For Your Channel In 2022

If you are a YouTuber and having a hard time captivating your audience with your content then most probably you are missing out on Intros. Before we try to go into depth on how to make YouTube intros, let’s first understand what they are and how you can leverage them to increase the watch time of your content.

Intros are basically small clips that are played at the beginning of YouTube videos which is an excellent way to introduce your brand and channel name in a very short period of time. If your intros include eye-catching graphics, good music, cool animations, and many other visually appealing stuff then it is sure to grab the attention of your visitors.

We know that nothing beats quality. If you create high-quality videos, you will certainly get an increase in your subscriber’s count and views over time. So you might wonder why include intros when your content is already good enough.

Well, YouTube is a huge platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Anything with that level of engagement will obviously cause that level of competition for those trying to make a career on this video-sharing platform. Just imagine the gravity of the whole scenario. More than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute. So what do you think now? Where do you think your content is going to stand in such a humongous crowd? Is your channel going to be visible?

Why Make A YouTube Intro For Your Channel?

It’s not easy for anybody to stand out from the crowd without putting in extra effort. Moreover, the competition is fierce on social media platforms. Everybody wants to be seen. YouTube’s algorithm favors only those content to display at the top of the search results that are relevant and has established authority through a massive increase in the number of subscribers and engagement. For those who are just starting out, it’s extremely easy to get lost in the crowd.

This has given rise to many marketing strategies that are used by present-day YouTubers to promote their products or services. One of the coolest tricks is to include amazing intros to all the videos that can hook the viewers to watch more. Knowing how to make YouTube intros will give you an edge over your competitors and you will improve audience retention as well.

Types Of YouTube Intros

When you learn how to make YouTube intros, you will see that there are 3 different types for you to choose from.


Typographic Introductions are extremely short. It just takes a couple of seconds to introduce your channel with a simple text overlay with the right choice of appropriate music in the background.

Title Card

Title cards videos are also very short. It is fixed and usually just consists of a vlog number, date, and some good music in the background.


Animated videos are on the trend and they are usually preferred by most of the YouTubers who want to hook their audience even before the main content begins.

How To Make YouTube Intros For Your Channel: Easy And Effective

There are many things to take into consideration while creating intros for your channel. Whatever you do, just try to keep it consistent on all your content. Basically, you just create the introduction for your channel once and then just include it at the beginning of all other YouTube uploads related to the same channel.

Think About The Purpose Of Your Channel

When you make a YouTube intro, make sure that it fits the style of your content. Your introduction should not appear to be a total contrast to your niche or the uploads on your channel otherwise it will look very odd and you can even lose your visitors for this mismatch.

Just imagine educational content playing loud music in the intro. It doesn’t look professional at all. This type of blunder can make your channel look fake and the viewers find it hard to trust the channel for their queries. This can force them to leave your channel midway or simply unsubscribe provided they have subscribed already.

Focus On The Ideal Length Of Intros

Intros are very short. Usually from a couple of seconds to half a minute. You are of course free to make longer intros but the statistics show that viewers get bored if the main content takes a lot of time to load. If you keep your visitors waiting for a long time then they just leave and start watching videos from another channel. You certainly don’t want this to happen. Isn’t it?

Even a captivating text overlay with the name of your channel can hook your audience. So you do not need to go overboard with it. Regardless of the type you create, just try to wrap your intro within 20 to 30 seconds to be on the safe side. 

Deliver Your Intros With A Clear Message

In this digital era, there is one thing common to all of us and it is nothing but impatience. We lose patience easily and this is one of the reasons why YouTubers lose their subscribers. It’s not easy to hook them forever so we should try to avoid all kinds of mistakes that make our content appear overloaded with unnecessary details.

When you make YouTube intros, try to deliver your message in a crystal clear manner. There shouldn’t be anything hard to understand for your viewers. Just keep your introduction short and straightforward.

Choose The Right Music For Your Channel

Good quality videos along with the audio is very necessary to have success on YouTube. Intros with good music are great for hooking your audience but make sure to choose the right one fit for your channel.

You should consider the type of videos you upload on your channel and select the music accordingly. When you make a YouTube intro, it should never overshadow the main content and the transition should look smooth.

Also, make sure to keep the volume of the music in your intros to be the same as used in the main content.

Give prime importance to YouTube intros as they are on the trend. Keeping up to date with the latest marketing tips and trends is essential for the growth of your channel as a YouTuber. If you buy YouTube subscribers, it will boost your channel to the next level so consider that as an option as well while looking for more ways of becoming a successful YouTuber.

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