How To Increase Watch Time Using Pattern Interrupt Techniques In 2022

 How To Increase Watch Time Using Pattern Interrupt Techniques In 2022

Wanna level up your YouTube game? Why not use pattern interrupt techniques? Yup, this amazing tool can increase watch time on your videos. There are many who have never heard of this before. So let’s start from scratch. 

If you want your viewers to continually watch your videos, you need to make them more interesting and the best way to do that is by using pattern interrupts.

What Are Pattern Interrupts?

Just as the name suggests, it is something that interrupts the flow of the video in a positive way. This increases the interest of the audience and makes your content more engaging.

Benefits Of Using Pattern Interrupt Techniques

  • Engages your target audience.
  • Make your content engaging and exciting.
  • Helps to get a better ranking in the search results.

Most Common Pattern Interrupt Techniques In YouTube Videos

1. B-Roll

It is an alternate shot to your A-Roll. So basically the main footage where you talk to your audience about a particular topic is known as A-Roll and the shot that includes the images or videos of your topic is known as B-Roll. Suppose if you are talking about TESLA and in between, you include some eye-catching images or videos of their cars then the main content will be your A-Roll and the secondary video to make your content more attractive is B-Roll. This adds interest and people can actually understand what you are talking about.

2. Music

You should be careful while choosing music as your pattern interrupts because sometimes it can be quite distracting for the viewers who are watching some important information on your channel. Other times, music can actually be necessary to make your content more interesting. You should only use it when it is appropriate. Be careful with the kind of music you select because loud music with amplified bass can irritate your audience and it will make them lose their focus.

Of course, there are some spots where music is absolutely necessary to increase watch time on your videos. For example, your intros and end screens. It is always good to have some calm background music that matches your content and is free from any sort of distraction. For example, while showing footage or images of nature, you can include river water sounds or birds chirping sounds in the background to give it a professional touch. All in all, your music should fit the mood. If it doesn’t, it destroys the ambiance and the whole purpose of your video.

3. Text

Text pattern interrupt is used to emphasize what somebody is saying. When you say something very important which you don’t want your viewers to miss then you can put those words in text down below. This is especially used when you are describing a list of items or giving some specifications of a product. It helps your audience to remember the important points.

4. Different Camera Angles

When you want to zoom in or zoom out, or when you want different angles you need to place or position your camera accordingly. For example, you can shoot your video with 2 camera angles. One can be focused in front of the prospect and the other can be focused to capture a side angle. The change from a close-up to a wider view is quite interesting but don’t try to overdo it. Different angles if played often in a video can be quite frustrating so employ this technique efficiently.

5. Animation

Animations are one of the best pattern interrupt techniques to include on your channel. They are a great way to make your content visually appealing. If you are creative, you can easily create and add them to your content otherwise you can also take the help of professionals to get the job done. Moreover, there are a lot of free animation software programs available online to make marketing videos. Blender and Animaker are two such examples. You get the option of creating custom characters to fit the setting so you can easily include them in your videos without the fear of any sort of mismatch. Keep in mind that animations can be done with text too so if you don’t want to include characters or images, then some creative animated text is also enough to woo your audience.

6. Humour

Who doesn’t want to laugh? I bet no one. Everybody likes humour and your viewers will enjoy your videos more if you try to make them smile with some jokes and funny statements. You will get an increase in watch time and engagement rate if you make humorous content. Hilarious text and graphics are a good source of pattern interrupt techniques so try to use them often in your videos.

7. Sound Effects

Good sound effects make your content stand out from your competitors. You do not need to add sound effects throughout your video. Just place them in places that are appropriate like changing different camera angles, transitioning to other images or videos. Sound effects can also come in very handy when you want to use some negative words but don’t want your audience to hear them. The most commonly used sound effects are clapping and the audience cheering. If you feel that some parts of your content are simple and boring then do try to include appropriate effects to give them a boost.

8. Polls

Recently, the addition of polls to videos has become a trend. Almost all YouTubers take the help of this tool to keep their audience engaged so that they do not lose interest in the videos. YouTube poll cards can boost video engagement. You can ask your viewers what type of content you should create through polls. In this way, you will get to know the majority preference which in turn will increase watch time on your channel. These interactive cards are a powerful way for gathering viewer and customer feedback.

9. Shoot in 4K

4K videos are filmed at 3840x2160 which is quite different from HD ones which are filmed at 1920x1080. Mostly, all videos on this platform are of HD quality. If you want to beat them with the quality of your videos then you need to shoot your footage in 4K. If you are concerned about large file size, then the trick is to capture the video in 4K and export it in HD. The benefit of shooting in 4K is that you get quadrupled resolution. This will allow a smooth and clean zoom-in because of the high quality of the source video. Keep in mind that ultra-fast high-speed broadband connections are required if you want to watch videos in 4K.

To Sum Up

If you are struggling with the views on your channel then take the help of the techniques mentioned above. It’s a guarantee you will see the expected results. Alternatively, you can also buy YouTube subscribers to get a high engagement rate in a short time.

YouTube is a massive platform and hence quite easy to get lost in the crowd. Unless you apply effective tips and tricks, it is hard to get a good ranking in the search results. So gaining knowledge is not the solution, you need to implement it too. So start applying the pattern interrupt techniques as soon as possible.