How To Get Started With Live Streaming On YouTube In 2022

 How To Get Started With Live Streaming On YouTube In 2022

No matter how much pleasure you get while watching recorded videos on YouTube, the level of excitement is different while watching live content. To see your favorite YouTuber interacting with you and answering your queries is something much beyond mere excitement.

YouTube Live Streaming started gaining popularity even before the pandemic began but during the lockdown, it reached its full potential because of social distancing. The schools, universities, professional courses, conferences, events, etc. all took the help of live streaming to interact with each other from the comfort of their homes.

Whatever medium you choose, connection matters a lot and it plays a crucial role in your business. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and here you need to come up with excellent marketing strategies to promote a brand or service.

It is not easy to carve out a niche among 2 billion monthly active users, nor is it easy to become visible among such a humongous crowd. So what to do next? How do you stay afloat in situations like these? A very easy tip is to follow the market trend.

If you don’t equip yourself with the latest updates, then you will lag far behind other marketers. It is very important to go with the flow as well as put in some extra effort from your end that reflects your innovation and creativity.

YouTube live streaming has become the latest trend and you sure need to leverage this tool to gain numerous benefits on your channel. If you already have lots of subscribers, then being Live can easily increase engagement on your channel and thus increase brand awareness and product sales. If you lack subscribers count then no need to worry. There is an option to get paid subscribers. You can easily buy YouTube subscribers from genuine sites that can boost the performance of your channel.

Here in this article, we will discuss the benefits of going live and also how to get started with it.

What Is YouTube Live Streaming?

YouTube live streaming is also known as YouTube Live. It helps to reach your target audience in real-time. The users interested in your content can go to the live section and find your video. Those who have subscribed to your channel can find your stream on their personalized homepage. 

Why Go For YouTube Live Streaming?

Have you ever watched a performance live? Don’t you think that anything Live has an extraordinary level of excitement associated with it. The same performance when recorded and watched on T.V does not give the same feeling. YouTube Live is no exception either.

We all have our favorite YouTubers and to get a chance to interact with them through live chats and messages makes us feel to be a part of their community. It’s a highly engaging experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a YouTuber, you know you have done a great job when your viewer eagerly waits for your videos and interact with you during the live streams. The same viewer can uplift the performance of your channel by becoming your subscriber. You should always make them feel like a part of a trustworthy community.

Live streams help to build strong connections through interactions. It's a common fact that communication is crucial for any long-term relationship or goals. You should always take this into consideration if you want to make a good career on the most popular social media platform.

What Are The Types Of YouTube Live Streaming?

Before we dive deep into the type of live streams, let’s first see YouTube live statistics of 1000 conducted by Livestream and New York Magazine:

  • 81% prefer to watch a live video rather than read a blog.
  • 80% regard YouTube as their favorite platform to watch live content.
  • 82% would rather watch a video over other social media posts.

We can conclude from the above statistics that if you are a brand and want to market your products or services to a wider audience then you should know how to live stream on YouTube. It’s the best marketing trend to follow at present.

Now, let’s come back to the types of live streams. Basically, there are two types for you to choose from while you want to do YouTube live streaming:

  1. Simple YouTube Live Streaming
  2. Customized YouTube Live Streaming

Simple Live Stream

Just as the name suggests, a simple live stream can be conducted just with a laptop and internet. A webcam is all you need to capture the footage. Moreover, if you have 1000 or more subscribers then you get the opportunity to go live from your mobile as well. 

Customized YouTube Live Streaming

This type of Live Streaming is a bit complex and needs a little bit of experience in handling YouTube Live. The main characteristic that sets this apart from Simple Live Stream is the use of an encoder, a software that helps you to share your screen and use multiple cameras and microphones simultaneously.

Customized live streams are useful when you want to stream the recording of your podcast or a presentation.

1. Make Your Content Valuable For Your Viewers

It’s quite obvious that nobody likes to watch content that does not give back anything in return. As a YouTuber, your job is to create high-quality content to hook your audience to your channel. If you fail to do so, remember there are already thousands and millions of other Creators on this platform willing to take your place. You will lose all your viewers if your Live stream is not up to the mark. 

2. Encourage Real-Time Interaction And Participation

Your live stream can only be successful if you are able to interact with your audience in real-time through chats and messages. No response from the other end means nobody is interested in your content, so interaction is the key to finding out whether your content is good enough. 

If you are not able to encourage your viewers to participate in your live videos or ask queries, then it’s very likely that the watch time of your live stream won’t last long.

3. Make Your Content Visually Appealing

YouTube live streaming should not be dull. Try to make your presentations fun and visually appealing for your viewers. Take the help of visual tools like charts, graphics, etc. to present your points in a clearer and engaging way so that your audience doesn’t get bored.

4. Ask For Feedback

Although this doesn’t sound like something that you should focus on, keep in mind that everything has flaws including your live stream. No matter how much you try to make it perfect, something or the other might go wrong. This is why you should constantly ask for feedback from your viewers to improvise your live videos. It helps a ton!

As a creator, you should make small changes and updates on your channel according to the preference of your viewers. They are a prime factor for your success. So never try to overlook the issues or any feedback addressed by your audience.

When brainstorming the content of your next live stream, put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and think about all the innovative ideas and information that can grab their attention.