How To Find The Best Keywords Using YouTube Keyword Research Tools

 How To Find The Best Keywords Using YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Do you want to find the most searched keywords on YouTube and increase the visibility of the channel and the ranking of the videos? If yes, then you should find the best keyword tools for the creation of the title, description, tags.

It is one of the best approaches to stand out from competitors and boost the growth of the YouTube channel. You can use SEMrush, Ahrefs, YouTube suggestions, etc tools to find the phrases to optimize the titles, tags, and description for better ranking and increase discoverability.

YouTube keyword research tool is a popular digital platform that helps you to find and identify the phrases in terms of audience search intent. Keywords should be less competitive with high search volume and perform well. 

The tool provides the best solution to all problems that will increase the number of views on your channel. It is the process of targeting potential customers and delivering the content to the right audience.

In this article, you will get ideas to know the best ways to find the keywords using the most demanding YouTube keyword research tools.

What Is YouTube Keywords Research?

The keyword research tactic is the process of finding or discovering the right words and phrases for the YouTube videos. These keywords are essential because people search using these phrases. YT is one of the most popular video-sharing sites where you will find an endless amount of video content.

These phrases help you to rank the content in SERP results, and the growth of the channel will boost to the next level.

This process can be done manually. You can search for the keywords using different tools such as YouTube suggestions, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google trends. You should know what people are searching for, what they want, and how to convince them to fulfill their needs.

Why Is YouTube Keyword Research Important For Your Channel?

YouTube is the fastest-growing platform in the world. Millions of users spend their time watching the content every day. You can leverage the research strategy to stand out on this competitive platform.

If you follow these techniques, you will gain more visibility and it will be easier to deliver the content to the right audience and help people to find your videos. They are helpful for the growth of the channel.

When someone is looking for the content, you have to identify the keyword and optimize the title and description of the videos with focus phrases. This helps the videos rank well. They will appear in the top search results. It will increase the opportunity to get more views, comments, and likes on the YouTube videos.

Parameters That Need To Be Considered For YouTube Keyword Research

  • You have to check the competition level of the keyword.
  • Check Keyword difficulty using tools
  • Filter the Monthly search volume of the phrases
  • Use the LSI keyword of the main keyword.

How Do You Find The Right Keywords Using The YouTube Keyword Research Tool?

It is a technique to discover the perfect low competitive keyword that will help you to connect with a loyal audience. If you follow this strategy then you can get incredible results.

We have shared the best ways to find the keyword that can help the creators to become top creators in their niches.

1. Identify Target Audience

It is the first step that you have to consider before searching for a keyword. It is necessary to identify the target audience and find the phrase as per their needs. If you optimize the videos after YouTube keyword research then the ranking of the videos will improve. It provides a good impression in the minds of the audience.

2. Be Intent Focused

When you are going to record the videos then first know the intent of that particular keyword. This will give you an idea of what you want to deliver to the audience and you can also add some value and record high-quality videos.

Thus, the chances of getting more views on your channel will improve. When you will get the ideas about the intent of the keyword then you can approach the audience to watch the videos on your channel.

How To Do YouTube Keyword Research?

To do Keyword research, you have to target the high search volume with low competition keywords to get more views on the videos. There are different free and paid tools available that you can use to find the right keywords to add value to your content.

Now, we are going to explore the list of top YouTube keyword research tools that can help you to grow your channel to the next level.

1. YouTube Auto-Suggest Feature

It is one of the best YouTube keyword research techniques because you do not require any external tool. You can insert phrases in the search tab and when writing the full phrases it generates a list of popular searches on YouTube. It will help you to find the topic of the content and this auto-suggest feature usually shows the long tail keyword. These keywords are not much competitive as compared with the short-tail keywords.

So it will help the creators to increase the ranking of the videos and gain more views on their channel. It is the perfect technique to get phrases and optimize the videos with these keywords. It suggests more results in search results.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is a YouTube Keyword research tool that you can use to get an unlimited list of keywords. It is a paid tool that shows accurate results and it delivers the global search volume of the keywords.

You can see how many people search for the keywords every month and how many clicks you will get on your channel. You can analyze the clicks and search volume and find the best keywords for the videos. YouTube algorithms also start recommending the videos to the audience.

If you use this keyword in the video then it will increase the clicks, views, and engagement on the videos.  With this YouTube keyword research mechanism, you will get the opportunity to find the most relevant phrases that perform well in search results.

3. Google Keyword Planner

It is a tool offered by Google. Here you can place the main keyword in the keyword planner tool. You need to visit the Discover New Keywords section and enter the ideas that evolve around the main keywords and it will show the list of keywords that can help you to stand out from the competitors.

You can optimize the videos with these keywords to stand out from the competitors and help the audience to find the videos.

4. Google Trends

It is a tool that you can use to find the trending topic and keywords. It is best practice to rank your videos in search results. You need to add these trending keywords in the title, description, and tags of the videos to rank in a short time.

If you use these phrases then the chances of your videos appearing in search results will massively improve.


It is a free tool that can help you to gain more relevant and auto-suggest keywords on the channel. If creators use the phrases to optimize the videos then it will increase the number of views on your channel. categorizes the keywords into forum parts and you can select the best one as per your need.

I hope you found this article to be useful in order to find the best keywords using YouTube keyword research tools. Now you can undoubtedly increase the engagement rate on your YouTube channels.