How To Create A Playlist On YouTube In 2022

 How To Create A Playlist On YouTube In 2022

If you want to increase the discoverability of your channel and persuade your viewers to keep watching then creating a YouTube playlist is the best option. So what is a playlist?

Well, it is a group of related videos that are organized according to a theme or a topic. Suppose if you have a YouTube channel that provides culinary courses, you can break down the entire course into subtopics where you can include them in individual playlists. For example, you can have different playlists on starters, main course, desserts, beverages, and so on. This does not just make your channel look good and professional but also makes it easier for your target audience to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, all the videos pertaining to a playlist runs one after the other which increases the watch time on your channel. Organizing your content in a YouTube playlist keeps your viewers watching your videos for a longer duration. Isn’t that so cool?

YouTube is huge when it comes to carving a niche here. More than 500 videos are uploaded on this platform every minute which makes the competition extremely fierce. If you want to be successful as a YouTuber, it is essential for you to follow all the marketing trends and strategies to give a boost to your channel.

If you want you can certainly buy YouTube subscribers to enhance your growth further. An increase in subscribers count will increase views which will ultimately increase the watch time on your videos. This will help in the monetization of your channel and will further motivate you to keep uploading high-quality content on your channel.

Why Is A YouTube Playlist Useful For Your Channel?

Helps To Organize Content Into Different Categories

As we saw earlier, playlists are good for organizing your content. Keeping your videos on your channel without any specific category creates an absolute mess. This makes finding your content extremely difficult for your viewers. Moreover, you will also not be able to keep a track on the kind of topics you created content for. Hence organization is a key factor while uploading content on YouTube. A professional-looking channel always attracts subscribers easily and it will undoubtedly improve its statistics.

Increase In Watch Time

It’s very obvious for people to spend more time when things are organized. Nobody likes an ill-managed channel or content that is a huge mess. YouTube states that “Great Playlists can keep viewers watching longer”. When the Platform itself has given emphasis to the creation of playlists, who are we to discuss? Keep in mind that if viewers click on your playlist then they will continue watching other videos related to the same playlist which increases the watch time exponentially. Higher watch time also means that YouTube's algorithm will recommend your video to many other users who might be interested in your content. Hence this increases your watch time further resulting in quicker growth of your channel.

Rank Better In Search Results

A YouTube Playlist can also be used for video optimization purposes. You can make your video playlists to rank for particular keywords thereby increasing the ranking of your content both in Google and YouTube results.

This kind of killer SEO strategy gives you an edge over our competitors so make sure to target keywords using playlists.

Increase Brand Awareness

Playlists help to increase brand awareness because you can include a lot of videos under one roof. For example, right from unboxing a product, explaining the nitty-gritty details, and then throwing feedback about user experience can all be made into individual videos related to the same brand. This engages the audience and keeps them hooked to the channel which is not feasible if you create the content in 1 long video.

Enhance User Experience

When users get hooked to a particular playlist then the majority stick with the channel, become subscribers, and watch all other videos related to the same playlists well. This helps to increase subscribers count and the number of people wanting to quit the channel and search the videos somewhere else also reduces to a great extent. So if you create a proper YouTube playlist and organize the content well then it’s a guarantee that you will never lose your visitors.

Visually Appealing Content

Creating content on social media platforms requires creativity and innovation. Unless it looks visually appealing, there are no chances of it receiving enough views. In this day and age, only high-quality content which is attractive at the same time can be a success. So make sure your channel video looks clutter-free and professional.

Gain Authority

A channel that has lots of videos organized into appropriate playlists adds value to your brand. Usually, visitors look for some sort of authority or proof that your channel is capable of providing them with the required information. Having tons of videos already uploaded on your channel shows that you are already an expert and they will never have to regret their decision of turning themselves into your subscribers in the future.

How To Create A Playlist On YouTube Channel

  • Choose Appropriate Videos For Your YouTube Playlist
  • After you create a playlist, you need to find a video. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, select “Your channel”, Then click “your videos”. You will see a list of all the videos that you uploaded on your channel. Now choose the right one from the list.
  • Click the “Add to” button. Choose “create a new playlist” from the menu.
  • After you have added your video to the playlist, it’s time to give a title to your content. Select an attention-grabbing name that is appropriate for your content. Make sure to include powerful keywords that can help with optimizing your video.
  • Now you will need to edit your privacy settings. So click on the drop-down arrow under the title of your content. You will get a list of three options:
  • 1. Public: If you make your videos to be public, then they will appear in the search results.

    2. Unlisted: If you choose this option then your content will not appear in the search results but you will still be able to share it with your friends and family.

    3. Private: Just as the name suggests, choosing this option will make your YouTube playlist to be completely private. Your content will not be indexed by the algorithm nor can it be shared with anyone.

    If you are confused about which option to choose then you can always edit the privacy settings on your content. Before making your content public, you can set it to private to see how it looks on the screen

  • Create Your Playlist
  • After you are done with adding title and editing privacy settings, then hit “Create”.

  • Add The Videos
  • Now it’s time to add the videos to the playlist you just created. Click the “save to” button on the content. You will get to see a list of all the playlists you created on your channel. Choose the one fit for your content. Your video will get added to your chosen playlist.

That’s it! It’s so simple, isn’t it? Now, you don’t have any excuses not to create a YouTube playlist for your channel. So go ahead and create one today.