How To Change Your YouTube Channel Icon In 2022

How To Change Your YouTube Channel Icon In 2022

So you are done with your profile settings on YouTube Now what’s the next step to customize your channel? Well, there is an excellent and easiest way to edit the overall appearance of your YouTube channel and it is basically done by setting an icon or YouTube channel logo.

But why is it so important? Nobody can deny that eye-catching visuals play a key role in remembrance and grabbing the attention of onlookers. When you set a visually appealing YT icon, it helps viewers to remember your profile. The graphic illustration might look very small and insignificant but it helps to build a brand.

Are you still having a hard time understanding the importance of an icon for brand building? Well, think of it in this way. An apple was just an apple a few decades ago before it was turned into a brand. I hope you get my point now. For all those iPhone lovers out there, I know pretty well that you must be smiling now.

YouTube has more than 2 billion active monthly users. On top of that more than 500 videos are uploaded every minute on this platform. This makes the profiles of all creators a complete mess. It gets very easy to get lost in the huge crowd. So how to stand out from your competitors? 

There is a reason behind extraordinary engagement on some profiles. You will be surprised to know that it’s nothing but a YouTube channel logo. It sets a unique recognition for your channel. If you do not have recognition, you will never have proper branding. I’m extremely sorry to say that you will get lost in the crowd too.

If you strongly desire to convert YouTube users into clients then you need a high level of engaging content along with a well-defined strategy to promote your brand. A profile picture not only helps users to recognize your brand but indirectly helps to convert the viewers into subscribers. This increases the subscribers count in your channel which adds to more views and monetary benefits. One more way is to buy YouTube subscribers from legitimate sites. This takes significantly less time than the organic method and gives you results beyond expectation.

What Is A YouTube Channel Icon?

YouTube channel icon is a small graphical illustration that identifies your brand and page that appears on the search results. Some people just use their own image as a brand while some just use their names or initials. For creative minds, usually prefer stunning graphics created by professional logo makers or simply by themselves.

The best thing about the icon is that it attracts the viewers to your channel and is the first thing they see when they visit your profile.

The Key benefits of YouTube channel icon:

  • Increases click-through rates, views, subscribers, and ranking of your channe
  • Brand awareness as attractive visuals are easier to remember even for people who have visited your channel for the first time.

Importance Of Using YouTube Channel Icon

Professional Outlook

An icon that has a professional appearance attracts more clients for business. It helps to build trust and your channel looks reliable and authentic.

Attract Target Audience

YouTube channel logo is essential if you want to target a specific audience. The viewers that are interested in your niche can easily identify your channel through your logo. This helps your page to stand out from your competitors.

More Subscribers And Engagement

An attractive professional icon helps to increase views and engagement on social media platforms. This increases the number of subscribers associated with your channel and also massively increases your success rate.

How To Add YouTube Channel Icon To Your Profile?

  • Go to
  • Click on the channel icon in the right-hand section.
  • Hover on the drop-down menu and click on ‘your channel’ icon.
  • On the channel overview page, click on the ‘customize channel’ button.
  • Hover on the channel icon and click on the edit option. It will look like a pencil in the top right corner.
  • As soon as you click that pencil icon, you will get a notification box saying that the update will take a few minutes.
  • Next, click edit.
  • Now select the image from your computer with the upload option.
  • After the upload, click done.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of YouTube Channel Icon

The image formats that are allowed on YouTube are png, jpeg, bmp, and gif. Choose a small image for your profile icon as the space for the logo is quite limited. If you don’t keep it simple then it will appear a complete mess. Avoid a lot of colors as it makes it distracting rather than appealing.

You are allowed to use an 800 by 800 pixels image but it will still appear as a small icon. Keep in mind that if you use a profile logo then you get an opportunity to feature in featured channels. This helps to increase views and subscribers.

Types Of YouTube Channel Icon

There are many types of icons that you can use while creating your profile.

  1. Figure Icon: Used in beauty and fitness YouTube channels.
  2. Abstract Icon. Used for creative and unique content.
  3. Text Icon: Used for educational or simple and straightforward purposes.
  4. Pixel Art: Used for gaming channels.
  5. Combination Icon: Used for any sort of channel.

We already saw why YouTube channel icons are important and how you can increase your brand awareness and subscribers through it. Whatever logo you choose, just remember the sole purpose of it. It should be relevant to your channel. Additionally, it should be attractive at the same time. Your icon should grab the attention of your viewers instantly so that they can become your subscribers and clients in the near future

If you have a beauty channel, you cannot have a landscape, food, or any sort of random image in your icon. You need to have something related to your niche or content. For example, you can just have a makeup brush pic or any other makeup tool image. You can also have a pair of beautiful eyes as an icon enough to be magical.

Social media platforms are all about visuals more than content. This is the reason why there is high competition in the video-sharing app. The better your content looks the better is the chance of engagement. The more engagement your channel has, the more success you will get to see. It’s as simple as that. 

How To Get A Free Logo Template For A YouTube Channel Icon?

There are many websites that offer free logo templates absolutely for free. You can take help from these sites to create amazing icons for your channel. When you use a template you are not forced to use it in the same design. You are free to edit and modify the designs according to your liking. After the modification make sure to export the file in vector or a transparent format. Then simply upload the image to your profile page on YouTube.

Even if you do not want to use a template for your channel icon, just get inspiration ideas from free logo maker sites. Then you can create your own using graphic design software like Canva. 

Whether you use a template or create your own just keep in mind that your YouTube channel icon should be the same on all social media platforms. This helps for brand recognition. You certainly don’t want your clients to get confused.