Buy YouTube Watch Time—Real And Fast

 Buy YouTube Watch Time—Real And Fast

In this day and age, traditional approaches are losing their values. Time is limited and so is patience. Eagerness to want more in less time has given rise to smarter approaches in accomplishing one’s goals.

Building strategies on YouTube to grow your channel is no exception either. Video creators now approach experts who can help them with their services. This is the only real and fast technique that can help you gain YouTube watch hours , subscribers, and engagement on your channel.

YouTube changed its policy in January 2018 regarding monetization. Anybody who wants to join a YouTube partner program in order to monetize their channel has to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Moreover, the required metrics should be accomplished within the last 12 months. 

At present, the no.1 ranking factor in the search results is watch time. Earlier things were different and the working of YouTube’s algorithm was not the same as it is now. Initially, original and high-quality videos received a good ranking in the search results.

But now the rest of the factors do not even matter if your channel fails to acquire sufficient watch time. If you really want to rank your videos well, then consider working on strategies that can help you gain 4000 YouTube watch hours. This will not only help you to earn money but your channel will also get rewarded by the algorithm in terms of good ranking and reach to a wider audience.

The more watch time you have on your channel, the more YouTube recommends your videos to the audience who might be interested in them. This will help you to gain huge traffic and engagement on your channel.

Keep in mind that views and watch time are completely different metrics. So do not get confused. Whenever a user clicks on your video, it is regarded as a view but it does not give any information whether your content has been watched till the end or not. On the other hand, watch time clearly indicates for how long your content has been watched. For example, if your video is 15mins long and the user only views 5 mins, then your watch time will be counted as 5 mins.

The only problem is gathering 4000 YouTube watch hours in 365days. I know it sounds a lot but if you follow the strategies described in this article, then I’m sure you will reach your goal fast. 

The best part is that once your application gets approved for monetization, it stays forever even if you just get 1000 watch hours the following year. How cool, isn’t it?

Best Strategies To Gain YouTube Watch Hours: Real And Fast

Even if your videos are good and more appealing than most of the popular YouTubers, you will not reach far without incorporating different marketing tactics. According to Statista, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide, so you can imagine how tough the competition is on this platform. 

Follow the strategies given below in order to increase watch time on your channel fast

1. Optimize Your Videos

SEO is the most important factor to help your videos rank in the search results as well as to reach a wider target audience. Find keywords related to your topic and include them in the title and description of your content.

Without optimization, your channel will have a hard time gaining subscribers and watch time. Use keyword research tools like ‘Google keyword Planner’ to accomplish your task.

2. Create Longer Content

Longer videos perform well on YouTube. Although people prefer to watch short videos, the longer ones rank better in the search results. Watch time gained by dedicated viewers in longer content is much greater than the shorter ones. Hence, even if you have very few loyal subscribers, you can still expect to gain sufficient YouTube watch hours through high-quality longer content.

Additionally, longer content has more room for ads than shorter ones. This helps you to earn more money through multiple advertisements.

3. Be Consistent With Your Uploads

Consistent YouTubers gain popularity and success on this platform much more than those who are inconsistent. YouTube’s algorithm gives a lot of importance to a consistent video schedule while ranking the content. For example, if you upload only one video once a week, you need to be consistent with it. Your viewers should know about the future uploads on your channel. This massively increases the watch time on your channel.

4. Create Content On Popular Topics

Creating videos on trendy topics is essential for your channel. You need to research well before creating and uploading content on your channel. Look at the viral videos and topics that are in high demand. This will give you an edge over your competitors. Do not try to copy the content but rather take them as an inspiration in order to come up with much better videos.

Be creative and smart in your approach. There is no use in creating high-quality videos if they do not get any viewers.

5. Promote Your Videos

Marketing your videos should be given more importance than creating them. You cannot just create and upload content on your channel and forget it forever. You need to show your audience that you exist on the platform.

Implement marketing strategies so that your content can reach a wide audience. Share your videos with your friends, family, and colleagues. Additionally, persuade them to share with people they know. This will help to convert most of your viewers into subscribers which in turn will increase YouTube watch hours on your channel.

Popular Q&A sites like Quora are also a good platform for your marketing purpose. Also, make sure to share your content on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This will help you gain a new audience for your channel.

6. Write A Blog

Blogging is also a great way to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. If you are a blogger and have a decent fan following or a good number of email subscribers, you can easily use that to your advantage.

Integrate relevant YouTube videos in your blog posts. This will help to divert visitors from your website to your YouTube channel and help your videos to gain more views.

A Final Thought

When you incorporate the above tactics in your marketing strategies, then it will help increase your watch time and improve the ranking in the search results.

Sometimes, it is overwhelming for newbies to understand the working of YouTube’s algorithm and the implementation of various tips and tricks to grow their channel. 

If you ever feel frustrated, just be patient and keep working hard. Just keep in mind to give priority to YouTube watch time. I assure you that everything else will fall into place.